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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm this far from getting the boot.

They, like many liberal/anti-Republican FB sites do not like to hear varying opinions. That is a fact. I've got booted off two others and I'm treading a fine line here. But as I told the FB admin for this site, what good is it doing your cause if you have 10 people commenting on a post with the same opinion, slapping each other on the back congratulating each other? You wanna talk about name-calling, Democrats? I've seen plenty of harsh, derogatory words aimed at myself and others. Yeh, I know..."but the Republicans do it, too". OK - take your ball home now so none of us can play anymore. Does that make it right? Enough with this holier-than-though bullshit. Reps, Dems, libs, conservatives....they all make good points and bad points. There's morons represented by each. I get all that. Fine.

We live in a democracy...yet these people who profess to bring about change in our state by recalling every Republican in office run their social network sites like a dictatorship. Or a socialist-run society. Interesting. I guess that is their right. (But collective bargaining...THAT ain't a right.)

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