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Sunday, August 28, 2011

$28 billion, $28 schmillion...who cares!

The Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA), which I never visited while living in Cali, is planning to transport a 340 ton boulder from Riverside to Los Angeles as part of an art piece called, Levitated Mass. The cost is $1.5 million - just to move said rock.

Now, being an actor and a playwright (and an amateur photog) myself, I'm all for spending monies on art. I think more monies should be allocated to the arts (the liberal in me). However, seeing as we're in the throes of an economic recession, I'm perfectly aware that budgets are tight and "the arts" is one of the first things to get slashed (the conservative in me).

LACMA certainly has the right to spend its monies as it feels. It's just funny (to me) that California has a $28 billion deficit, yet LACMA has $1.5 million lying around to move a rock.

Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to smash the boulder into tiny pieces first?

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Just Jen said...

Um....yes. It would.

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