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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favre bashers having a change of heart?

I've blogged at length about the biased, unobjective (or is it nonobjective?) scrutiny the media (and fans) have shown Brett Favre since I began this blog in 2007 - look up "sports commentators", "sports columnists", "idiots", "hacks", "Jay Glazer", "Kevin Hench", "Mark Kriegel", "Adam Schein", "Allen Barra" or "" on the right panel under BLOG TOPICS.

Now that the Minnesota Vikings are sitting at 5-0, some of the assholes I hate are starting to come around to my way of thinking. I know it's early in the season and anything can happen. But the fact that, for example, Kevin "Hatchet-job-haircut" Hench of is rethinking his stance on Favre makes me question his credibility after he's torn Favre a new asshole for years. No - I've question his and other's credibility before. Leery...leery is a bette word.

"Hey look, ESPN's Adam's a schism in the Viking's locker room!"

Here's what Henchie said after the Vikings beat the Packers in Week 4: "When you assess Brett Favre's 24-for-31, 271-yard, 3-TD, 135.3 QB rating vivisection of the Packers, the numbers alone don't tell the whole story...Favre was so precise in dismantling his former team it almost didn't matter if his receivers got any separation at all. If he doesn't do something worth making fun of in the next couple of weeks this segment is going on hiatus."

I, for one, will not jump on the "Hench loves Favre" bandwagon because the minute Brett and/or the Vikings screw up, Hench will renege on his Favre lovefest comments and tear him a third asshole - that's what the media does. They have no allegiances to teams that they can admit to publicly - they're SUPPOSED to be objective. Unless it concerns Brett Favre. However, at least Henchie admits that he was premature in judging Favre - through 5 games into the season

As I've mentioned before, even if the Vikings go the Super Bowl and lose, Favre will be vilified by the press for being an old, over-the-hill, egomaniacal waffler. And if the Vikings go to the SB and win it - the media and Favre naysayers around the world will say 1) it was everyone on the team that contributed to the win BUT Favre, or 2) good - now that Favre has another SB ring maybe he'll finally retire and disappear. It's the fight Brett will never win (when you see groups of words highlighted, it's a link - click on it).

Like I said, it's a 16-game season. I'm simply going to continue in my enjoyment of watching the "Silver Fox" (as Favre's been dubbed by "the beast", Viking DE Jared Allen) play his 19th NFL season. And hope he continues to have fun.


Jim in Utah said...

Foxsports writers may hate him but ESPN writers would all spread their cheeks for him...

Jeff Ircink said...

nice way to bring the discussion down to a "spread cheeks" level, jim. thanks.

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