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Friday, October 9, 2009

Broad Street Coffee historic Greendale, WI

No, not Neil Young's album Greendale. Greendale, birthplace. And my father's birthplace. A lot of family tradition here in Greendale. My Grandpa Ircink was one of the "founding fathers" back in the later 1930's. Lots of fond memories. I'm at my new coffee house/writing hangout talking to Shirley's (nee Weber) youngest son who works here (Shirley manages the place - my mom and her coffee friends meet here everymorning at the crack of dawn to drink and jabber). Having an apple gingerbread cobbler coffee and a Door County cherry scone. Contented.

My recent trip to Ireland was the buffer between moving back here from California on September 12th and the reality that I must get a move-on and get on with my new life here. I've received my substitute teaching certificate from the state so as of Monday I'll be active to teach in the Waterford Union High School district and any other school district I'm interested in. Mukwonago, Greendale, New Berlin - the more shit you know the saying. It's a start. I'll also offer my services as a tutor for writing to high school students.

Above: Dale Park in Greendale. Then there's auditioning for theater in Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis. And my writing. Found a great theater in Bay View (adjacent to Milwaukee on Lake Michigan) that might be an ideal venue to have some of my plays produced. I've contacted the owner and we're due to meet up mid-October.

Wisconsin license and plates, find a place to live (at home with my parent's now). Much to do. I really need that Wisconsin license in order to get my WI bowhunting license. Have hunted on one occasion a couple years ago in WI since I moved to Los Angeles in 1998. New website to start called "Milwaukee on the Cheap". Busy.

I'm excited. I'll leave you with Neil Young & Crazyhorse's "Bringin' Down Dinner" from the album, Greendale.

Bringin Down Dinner (Album Version) - Neil Young & Crazy Horse

My mom and Aunt Ruth have to shopping for a wedding shower gift. They may stop in for a coffee. It's nice being home.

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