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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Glen Mar Arts & Craft Shoppe is OPEN!

I don't gorge my Christmas tree with ornaments. A few special ones to "fill" the tree and that's it. Mostly rustic, primitive, outdoorsy babbles. Same with lights. Always white - though I added two strands of blue this year.
So as I'm decorating today and I'm thinking I need some filler ornaments. I have a shitload of pine cones so...

Pine cones = FREE. Ribbon = salvaged from last Christmas. Twine = in junk drawer. Hangers = spares. Paint = FREE (it's my mom's, but she left it here. So, FREE)

Couple hours latter and, "BAM!" Ornaments. Cool. My cousin's on Dad's side (Cheryl, Linda, Terri - Greg was still a sperm then) will appreciate my creativity. Our mothers - and Aunt Evelyn Ircink - used to make pine cone art with Grama Ircink in the basement of the Muskego house. Miss you, Grama & Aunt Mary Jane's to you!

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