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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Josh Groban makes me want to puke.

I can listen to Michael Bublé. Or Harry Connick, Jr. James Blunt, for that matter. But - I can not listen to Josh Groban massacre Christmas carols. Or any other song, for that matter. Ever.

Cool your jets, Groban groupies. I didn't say he can't sing. I just don't like his voice. There's no fluctuation. There's no character. It's not distinct. The timbre is timbre-less. His voice is like fish with no tartar sauce, a brat sans mustard or waffles without our homemade maple syrup (or any syrup, for that matter). Bland. Period.

Fine. You judge. Here's Groban's "O Holy Night" and here's Johnny Mathis' rendition. Who's voice is better?

There are probably thousands of singers in professional choirs all over the world whose voices sound just like Groban's. Big deal. What sickens me even more is that Grobad dated this hottie for three years. Here's to a Grobad-less Christmas - and a Grobad-less year!

1 comment: said...

the hottie Grogan dated for 3 years was January Jones.

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