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Friday, April 20, 2012

TGIF! presents...Fun's "We Are Young"! For Zol.

headed to Madison this afternoon for the Wisconsin Film Festival and the screening of our short film, PASS THE SALT, PLEASE, on Saturday afternoon.

gonna check out what's happening on 60's flash-back State Street and see what the radicals are up to who wanna oust my state's governor and see a bunch of other people's films and eat free food and slam a beer and scope out film chicks and steal a kayak dressed only in a deerskin thong and paddle across Lake Mendota in search of the elusive whooping cranes there and then paddle back just in time to see our film screening at Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace 'cause Frank was a hardcore mofo and then check out some more films - maybe even some 50-minute films that are being touted as "shorts" and then i'm gonna have another beer, perhaps a Spotted Cow which is brewed in Madison - maybe i'll have a few Spotted Cows - and get shit-faced 'cause that Spotted Cow shit will do that to a man and then i'll steal some pot from some hippy and get high and visit with my hall director, Bob Wade, who i worked for while i was an RA at UW-Whitewater and haven't seen in a million years and he & i can find out where all the cheap, coed hookers hang out at and then i'm gonna settle down quickly 'cause i'll be visiting with Uncle Fran Ircink, Aunt Mary and Cousin James and maybe have some more brewski's 'cause i'm staying overnight there and talk about huntin' & fishin' and the all those good times we spent together 'cause I'M FUCKIN' YOUNG, dammit!

well - maybe not so young. hang in there, Zol, ya little bitch, 'cause YOU ARE YOUNG, too! i love you!

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