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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Safe journey, Eric Lowen...

Eric Lowen, of the singer/songwriting team Lowen & Navarro, passed away yesterday after a 9-year battle with ALS. I was acquainted with both Eric & Dan (Navarro), originally turned on to their music by my high school friend, Tina, and have seen them perform several times. Eric's courage and strength while battling his illness was quite remarkable. I also became friends with Eric's caregiver of 5 years, Julie and it was Julie who called me last night about Eric's passing.

Eric put up a helluva fight, outlasting his illness many years in comparison to others. His music will live on and will continue to inspire. I feel blessed to be privy to all that he was - and still is.

Here's Eric singing one of my favorite L&N's tunes, "If You Loved Me Like That".

This job is not a chosen one, it chooses one. It has never been easy and it is getting harder now, but I would never trade the experience for anything. The mysterious and magical thrill of writing a song, the charge of being in front of an audience, and also the exhilaration of speaking in the language of music with other musicians. It will end for me, but the songs will go on and the memories are mine forever... - Eric Lowen

I encourage you to explore the music of Lowen & Navarro. They are quite excellent. Thank you, Eric...and God Bless you.

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