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Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar thinks & rants.

1.   Billy Crystal. Thank God that Eddie Murphy was a dick and dropped out. Spectacular.

2.   Jennifer Lopez. It's the Oscars. Have some class - I don't wanna see your titties falling out of your dress, ok?

3.   Cirque de Soleil. Very cool. At one time I could do all that shit.

4.   Separated At Birth. One of the producers who took home the Best Picture Oscar for The Artist....looks like a young Peter Lorre. The guy who first spoke. Thomas Langmann. Google it.

5.   In Memorium. I know - you can't get everyone on the list. But here are just a few name who were ommitted (and these are just actors) - Harry Morgan, Pete Postlethwaite (unless I missed him), James Arness (his brother, Peter Graves, was also ommitted when he died), Susannah York, Michael Sarrazin, Dana Wynter, Betty Garrett, Anne Francis, and John Barry (composer). Some are known for their TV work but also have lengthy film resumes, yet Whitney Houston and all 5 of her movies made the cut. I'm tiring of this word but...REALLY?

6.   Congratulations to Christopher Plummer, who at 82, became the oldest Oscar recipient with a Best Supporting Actor nod for his role in Beginners. I've always been a Plumber fan. Check out The Return of the Pink PantherJesus of Nazareth and The Fall of the Roman Empire.


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