Passion = Truth? How Jeffrey James Francis Ircink Sees The World? I love when people are passionate about something. That surging of emotion is the one honest measure of what truth is. It's a truthful display of how a person really feels about something or someone at that particular moment. That passion IS truth.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"For I am Love....", by Thomas M. Ircink

I am like the rose of red, in its purest beauty and yet
can be so ugly that on one dare look upon me.
I have shape and form, still I am found without either.
I am as happy as a river going to places not known to men,
I am as sad as all the tears that can be shed.
I am kind, yet can be harsh.
I am gentle yet can cause the greatest of hurts,
I am found in all places and in all things, yet I am found
only by those who seek me.
There is but one key that can open my door, one word that
need be spoken and I shall understand.
I am many things and still I am one.
I am more yet the least of things, but what is more true
than false is that I am that scar, which no doctor can heal.

For I am love.

My Uncle Tom (one year younger than Dad) passed away in 2003 at the age of 65. He enjoyed writing poetry. I never knew. Some of his brothers and sister were aware of Uncle Tom's penchant for writing; however, and Aunt Evelyn gave me all his papers - the plan is to put together a self-published book of Uncle Tom's poetry.

Happy Valentine's Day, Uncle Tom. I - we all miss you.

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Just Jen said...

Beautiful and perfect for Valentine's Day. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, Jeff :)

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