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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Amazon...Fuck you.

Dear Amazon,

Since March 2007 when I began blogging, I've displayed your banner at the top of my blog so that when people click on it to get to your site (and they purchase items), I can make some coinage. Not a lot - my purpose was never to make money blogging. I mainly thought of it as a service to my readers.

So I get this check in the mail - for referrals - for $21.00. Cool. Wait - that's gross. You conveniently subtracted a $15 check processing fee, leaving me $6.

Fuck you. Your banner was just deleted off my blog. Did I say, "fuck you", already? Fine...then fuck off.


Jeff Ircink
PS - I sent an email to customer service complaining about this issue. I still haven't heard back. Fuckers.

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