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Friday, November 27, 2015

Brett Favre official number retirement. Lambeau. 11/26/15.

"Here come I to my own again,
Fed, forgiven and know again,
Claimed by bone of my bone again,
And cheered by flesh of my flesh..."

- from Rudyard Kipling's "The Prodigal Son"

Brett Favre. Lambeau. Official number retirement/ring of honor ceremony. Halftime. Green Bay versus Chicago. November 26, 2015. Thanksgiving.

Following our Thanksgiving dinner, I watched the game and ceremony with my family - as we've always done. 'Cause we've always been thankful for The Gunslinger - The Iron Man...Number 4.

Favre selfie - morning of the ceremony in Green Bay.

Legendary Green Bay Hall of Famer/NFL Hall of Famer, QB Bart Starr, was on hand to help celebrate Favre's number retirement.

One of my favorite Favre pictures. Illustrates everything that made him the player he was.

Another SI cover to commemorate Favre's return to Lambeau in July 2015.


Gregory Ircink said...

Truly liked Brett's refusal to thank the Green Bay Management weasels who threw him out before he was through. Bet Aaron Rodgers will relive that game in his nightmares for a long time; very sad the "for the record books" night was capped off with a Chicago win (had the Packers hosted the Vikings, there would have been at least a little irony involved). said...

hello gregory!

two things chap my ass...

1) people who say i was never a Packer fan - just a Favre fan. who then was i rooting for throughout the 70's and 80's when GB was crap?

2) people who say, "it's time to come back to the Pack". the same people who still hold a grudge against Favre.


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