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Thursday, June 4, 2015

2nd Lt. Jacob Kazar! Huzzah!

(left to right:  Jacob K, me and Joseph K. 2007)

Dear Jacob,

Congratulations on your recent graduation from the Air Force Academy!

I remember when you made your decision to attend the academy.
I remember how difficult it was adjusting to the regimen that is the AFA and how over the last four years you rose to the challenges that were presented to you.
I remember when you were a baby, a young boy and a teen and I remember hearing all the stories of you growing up and seeing the gleam in your parents' eyes whenever they mentioned their children. How fortunate I have been to be able to peek into your family's life, watching the four of you grow together.
I remember thinking many times, "What great kids those Kazar boys are."
2nd Lt. Jacob Kazar – I am proud of what you've accomplished and excited for you to begin this new journey. I'm fortunate to know a few academy graduates from other branches of the military…what you've accomplished is quite the feat. Moments in life are fleeting – it really is all about "the journey". Enjoy this journey. I do not share this sentiment lightly – but, you know, if I had had a son, I would be perfectly content if he were just like you. I wish you God's speed while in the service of our country.
Most of all though, remember…that I wish you love.
"Aim High" — "Fly-Fight-Win."
Uncle Irc

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Unknown said...

Absolutely awesome. And one week ago (5 June 2015) I wore the USAF uniform for what will be the last time, and will officially retire 1 July 2015 -- and so the circle continues to turn. Lt Col G. Francis Ircink, USAFR

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