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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A brotherly lecture.

(Brother Jason - left, and I in Santa Barbara. Sometimes a little tough love is warranted when it comes to your younger brother.)
7:06 a.m. Wednesday 6 November

Brother Jason,

Just got off the phone with you, Jas (I called you) - glad to hear you’re home from your hunting trip. I felt the need to write this public letter directed at you for three reasons: 1) public humiliatio
n, 2) the need for me to vent because I’m pissed off, and 3) because I love you.

When you say you plan to be home at a certain time after spending days in the bush and fail to arrive home at said time, your family is bound to worry. If you can’t get THAT through you thick head there’s no time than the present to START. I don’t want to hear, “you knew where I was” or “everyone knew when I was coming home”. That logic doesn’t pass muster. When you don’t arrive home and don’t return phone calls, it’s only natural for us to wonder, “where is he?”, “why hasn’t he returned our calls?”, “is he OK?”, etc.

I understand you were at the cabin where cell reception is iffy; however, there are places there you can go where reception is adequate for a quick call. You’ve done it before and there are no excuses. The last time I talked to you was Sunday. Your parents tried to contact you and you failed to return their calls. I called and texted you and you failed to call or text me back. I’ve been sitting at life at a standstill – pacing, standing with phone in hand, terrible thoughts running through my head – since 5pm Tuesday evening. Barely slept a wink. I figured you were out of harm’s way but one never knows. You are an excellent outdoorsman. But shit happens. Things you have no control over happen. I made calls. I sent out a few emails wondering

I realize that this is your MO. And it would be perfectly acceptable if you had only YOU to answer to. But you currently have an older brother and elderly parents who worry about their brother/son. Sorry – that’s the way it is right now. Deal with it. We would expect nothing less if the situation were reversed.

So, Brother Jas, how about a little consideration for your family? Take your head out of your ass, THINK for a second & put yourself in our shoes and please – PLEASE keep us in mind when you go traipsing off into the woods for days on end while leaving us hanging, OK, fuckhead?

Your loving brother,

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