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Monday, August 26, 2013

My letter to Miley.

Everyone knows who Miley Cyrus is. And everyone is exploding after her performance on the MTV Video Music Awards the other night. Google it - I'm not gonna post it here. Watch it and you'll understand why the Universe is in an uproar.

I wanted to weigh in with my 2 cents in the form of a letter to Miley. Here it is:

Dear Miley,

I'm an actor/playwright/producer - small-time here in Milwaukee. 48 years old. I spent 12 years in Los Angeles so I'm familiar with "the industry". I'm savvy. And I'm not a prude. The world has seen Elvis, Madonna, Lady Gaga and dozens of other musicians who "shocked" the world in their own way. So your performance on the MTV VMA's is really nothing new - just someone else doing it. I've heard a few of your songs, seen a few clips of your television show, "Hannah Montana", know who your father is, but otherwise I'm not in your target market. However, I was your age once so I "get it". I get marketing and provocation and sex sells and all that shit.

I watched your performance from the VMA's online and I honestly had no issue with what you did  - you know, what everyone's talking about. I've watched the video for "We Can't Stop" so your performance on the VMA's came as no surprise.  Here's what I don't get - how many times do you have to stick your tongue out and simulate sex however many different ways? I'm looking at this now from a producer/director's mindset - theater, you know? When I saw your VMA performance, it was sexy - the song is catchy. But I thought - "overkill" and it drew my attention away from your song, music and your singing. I got bored. I'd seen it all - and I was no longer listening to the words and music.

Again - I'm not in your target market so my opinion holds little weight. I get it - I get "the show". It's a live performance. I know. Cut out half of the tongue wagging and simulated sexual moves and you've lost nothing.

Keep rockin'...

Jeffrey James Ircink

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