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Monday, April 1, 2013

HASHTAG MAYHEM! "Well-paced, well-crafted, well-executed".

(Left to right:  Bryan Damske & Jeffrey James Ircink in CHOKING THE CHOAD IN BEL AIR.)

I've been away from my blog for a bit. Busy producing/acting/directing a series of short, dark plays I wrote under the collective title, HASHTAG MAYHEM! Reviews have been great and I'm extremely proud of the production. This is the first time I've produced my own work - fully-staged - and it was quite the task. The overwhelming satisfaction, for me, is not just the people who attended or the reviews, but it is the reality that what I had envisioned in my head while writing these 6 plays is what I'm seeing on stage. For that, I thank the directors, actors and Aaron Kopec of The Alchemist Theatre. Without their efforts and hard work, my words remain on the paper.

Our 3-week run closes this Thursday-Saturday, April 4-6 at The Alchemist Theatre in Bay View, Wisconsin. You can check out the review which appeared in the paper edition of The Shepherd Express here - as well as an in-depth review by the same author is his theater column. Curtains.

For production photos and detailed information you check out two sources - our production blog, and our Indiegogo fundraising campaign page. And you can still contribute and share the Indiegogo page. 7 days left.

If you're in the Milwaukee area, you can purchase tickets at the door but I advise you to get them online here. I have about 40 people attending on Friday and Saturday (total) and the show may be packed.

Everyone has a dark side. What's yours? Come play with us - or I'll find you. You can bet on it.

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