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Saturday, January 26, 2013

"What difference does it make!?!?"

If you'd just answer the question, Madam. Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton), we wouldn't have to look at you grimace so!

Dodging. Deflecting. Hillary Clinton's theatrics at a House and Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. Dodging. Deflecting. That's what the right says. The left thinks she so cool, so tough. "When asked about the claim that the (Benghazi) attack was sparked by a protest over a video, she (Hillary) responded, 'I did not say . . . that it was about the video for Libya.' "

Yes you did, Madam Secretary. When she stood by the caskets of the four Americans killed in Libya, she directly blamed an "awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with."

You can defend her all you want. But she lied. Period. And when Secretary Rice and President Obama stated MULTIPLE times that the incident was related to a controversial anti-Muslim film, they were "misinformed". Terribly misinformed. For 9 days - misinformed. The timeline is indisputable. Look it up. Nine days after the attack, President Obama finally says the attack was "terrorist-related". Until then, protestors reacting to the controversial film were being blamed.

But Hillary never said this. The timeline - from Mother Jones, no less. But - what difference does it make, right?

Hillary's kiniption fit begins at 1:20. You will never be president, Madam Secretary. Ever.

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