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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A true "Halloween" story.

This really happened - trust me. I know the people involved...
A family decides to disinter their mother who had been deceased for 30 years and move her body to another state. After all the paperwork had been filed, the family is gathered at the cemetery for the disinterment - a breezy Spring day. Once "mother's" vault is raised out of the ground, the family decides they now want to see their "mother". A very unusual request. The family is dissuaded from doing so but they stand their ground. The vault lid is removed and the casket is opened. To the family’s surprise, “mother” is remarkably preserved, so much so that she looks as though she had been recently buried. “Oh how wonderful Mother looks!”, the family exclaims. Hair, nails, pink blouse, Mother-of-Pearls necklace, hands crossed holding a crucifix – all as it should be. The only thing that had changed was “mother’s” skin - it was dark brown, resembling a Native American Indian. As the family takes in "mother's" miraculous beauty after 30 years deceased, a sudden, light breeze blows up and instantly wipes away "mother’s" face and hands down to the skull and bones, scattering dust into the air. The family is aghast – and the lid to the coffin is quickly shut by the funeral director.

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