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Saturday, July 7, 2012

China King Bonn International Short Film Festival.

So our short film, PASS THE SALT, PLEASE, was invited to the China King Bonn International New Media Short Film Festival. Never heard back from the King Bonn folks and the festival, which was in May, came and went without even a peep from the Chinese. No screening date/times - nothing. I finally emailed them and got this response:
Hi Jeff,
I just find your email. I`m so sorry for my later reply. Yes,the 3rd China International New Media Shorts Festival has closed in May. It`s very successful. The Main Section has received 2,733 entries from 63 countries and regions around the globe for the 3rd China International (KingBonn) New Media Shorts Award. Regarding the transaction activity, we have played your film in our festival. Many chinese film makers and producers were interested in it. We have distributed some materials about your film to who attended the festival, including Chinese Media, director and producers. I think they will contact you if they would lke to buy your film.  
(Blah, blah, blah....)

I`m looking forward to hearing from you!
Alice Yang
China International New Media Shorts Festival
Course we're interested but I'm stymied as to the lack of communication on the part of some of the festivals we've screened at. One fest in CA never informed us we were in the Gala Top 5 screening. One fest screened our film with another film titled, PASS THE SALT. One fest didn't get us pertinent info our attendees needed until two weeks prior to the festival. The lack of follow-through boggles my mind.

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