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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mauston. 2011.

The Ircink's are a family - and an extended family - of bow hunters. My dad, brother, myself, my dad's brother - Uncle Fran - and 1st cousin, Gerry, family friends Dave & Bruce Hranicka, Gary Schmidt, Dave's son, Lucas, has hunted with us a few times, Rick Nowak - my Uncle Bob's brother, Gary's son, Matty, my theater buddy, Jim Keller. Family and friends.

My brother started hunting in 1980, not yet in high school. I started after him in 1981, a senior at the time. I don't think I missed a season from 1981 thru the fall of 1997. Then I moved to Cali for 12 years. That's my brother (above) with Kenny Koepsel...the "Kahuna" - the man who's been leading bowhunts up here since the 1950's. Time is a grim reminder that "the good ole days" are fleeting. Kenny doesn't walk like he used to. Neither does my dad. The old guard is either dying off or is too old and has given hunting up. There were times when we'd have 25 guys hunting over a week in November. For three days it was just the seven of us. Jas and I made most of the drives for the rest of the hunters - all 65+ in years. I miss the old days. The old times we had. If I could go back for just a day...

The weather was pretty nice. We kicked out quite a few deer, just the seven of us. Even a couple bucks. Some guys got shooting. Some didn't. I never even saw a deer. It didn't matter. I was with my family of bow Nature.

Click on READ MORE and follow me as I walk through the woods.

Me on a stand.

Can you spot my brother?

Left to right: The Kahuna - Kenny K., Teddy & Kathy, Bill Doody, Dad and Jason.

Backside (above) and front side (below) of a fungi.


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