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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dazed & Confused.

Fine. These guys (and the girl who was freed earlier) endured much while imprisoned. Fine...I get that. But WHY choose to hike in Iraq - then accidentally cross into Iran - when there are hundreds - no...thousands of safer places to go hiking?

I don't believe their story. They were there for another reason. Whatever it was, they weren't simply "hiking". No one is that stupid.

And if they were just "hiking"...I think of the time and resources that were put into freeing them and it's mind boggling, not to say anything of the emotional stress they endured and the stress they put their families and friends through? Go right ahead and call me heartless. You don't think at some point someone's gonna say to Frick and Frack, "what were you thinking"? Like I said, I have not doubt what they endured in prison was horrifying. But they should've thought about that while they were perusing and came up with a different game plan. I looked up several "best world hikes" on the Internet - Cinque Terre, Italy...Kilimanjaro, Tanzania...the Appalachian Trail, Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska and so forth.

None of these sites mentions Iraq.

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Just Jen said...

I have asked Ron (my husband) about this numerous times......he has been in that region. He tells me that there are no 'questionable' or unclear borders between the two countires....the only access is through gates...heavily partolled by armed military personnel. The 'hikers' claim is that they were in a mountainous region where there were no security checkpoints, and therefore they made a mistake. Convenient?
You and I would never make that mistake....we would check out our path and for the most part stick to it! PLUS who goes hiking in that region during a war??? Hmm???

I am upset that our claim of "we don't negotiate with terrorists' just cost us one million $$. When the girl was released, then she then told the truth of the poor treatment....but during all imprisoned interviews she claimed that the captures were 'lovely' and were treated's prison not summer camp or a resort....prison.

lots of questions.....why the $$ for their release? If they were in a remote mountainous region, then how were they discovered in the first place...were they hiking? Should we just assume that they were 3 young, inquisitive kids just wanting to 'discover' the world? Why the bunk trial?

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